Wednesday, July 27, 2011

losing time, or is it summer?

as the days have grown longer, i seem to be misplacing's been nearly a month since my last blog and i have a list that is growing longer and longer about whats going on in the studio, in the appalachian mountains, in my life as a mom and wife...artists to feature, photos to share....

summer i guess has just slowed me down from my 'normal' order of schedule is here and there...and 'playtime' has been stealing me away from my little world of art....there is truly something unforgettable about making s'mores with friends over the fire pit; having a potluck on the 4th and viewing fireworks from the yard with friends; children playing with sparklers while the older ones light fireworks (snuck across the border) with hubby...these will be the days that they will remember for many years to come...there is truly nothing more beautiful than summer in the mountains, it makes you forget your have responsibilities altogether...and i'm loving that!

a birthday has come and gone....phew, hard to believe i'm 52 i felt the need to paint my toenails cotton candy?

here are some photos of your collections; i just love it when you send these to me, i can feel part of your home and life:

(that's my room above, yep i do love purple and pink!)

it amazes me that we have so many different styles; yet game boards look so beautiful in each and every makes our homes 'us'....when my friend comes over she always says that walking through my house is so fun for her; every corner has someones art, it is what makes our home 'us and unique...

ok, that's my first step into the blogging waters again....i have much more to share; next week though...

if you are in need of color or art, here's my link: