Wednesday, August 24, 2016

summer....the perfect time to enjoy lazy days and late nights.... 

Summer is one of my favorite schedule, little order, cookouts and lightning bugs in the deep woods, friends visiting and Georgia peaches, what more could one want?

I think summer is a regrouping of the spirit, a time to do less and enjoy the small things that life is really all about to you....for me it's kids, fresh food from the farmers market, games of chess with Eli, outdoor music downtown, good books and coffee in the morning with hubby.   
Much of my love for creating game boards comes from my past summer experiences....summertime at my grandparents playing board games, lunch on a pretty tablecloth set in the grass of their backyard by their garden.  This is why many of my game boards carry a childhood game name....reminding me how much fun it was to be a kid way back when....

"simon says"
do you remember?
simon says put your hands on your head.
simon says turn in a circle.
jump up and down.
"simon says"
 limited edition piece of 10

I loved the soft sweetness of this pattern.  It is based on a design from the early 1900's from Pennsylvania.

When this piece went to auction it was declared that the value was  $400-$700.  I can't imagine what they thought when the end price was $19,680.
wonderful colors...shades of blue, straw, greens, sienna and gold just to name a few....

limited edition of 10 then retired

(my mind sees this as really a soft colored piece to the eye...the photos seem pretty vibrant, so if you like I can send you more photos to view....just let me know)
"the reader"

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