Wednesday, March 28, 2007

jennifer lanne......congratulations!!!

a BIG congratulations to my friend jennifer lanne...
she is now an earth angel, (which i have always known), but she is now working with jen, the leader of the angels and showing her work with earth angels!

you know i have gone on and on about jennifers wonderful work....her landscapes fill me with peace at the end of a hectic day...while her wonderful florals feel my heart with joy and hope....i've surrounded myself with her work throughout my makes me happy...and i believe that's what art is all it makes you feel, and how it becomes part of you by evoking certain feelings.

so i invite each and every one of you to look at her wonderful pieces, whether it's floral, fauna, landscapes or the priceless cherries in the earth angels (link to the sure to click on the paintings at earth angels to see jennifers work) i've already talked to jen this morning, and she said jennifer's pieces are flying out the door!! show your support for jennifer on her first day of angels...and always for earth angels, where jen brings american artists and their work to you!

have a great day! I'm so happy!!! good going jennifer!!

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Jen O'Connor said...

HI Diane
well you are right she has earned her earthly wings and her work is flying out of here. Mnay thansk for sharing her talents with me, I am smitten and endeared to you and your great taste!
xxoo Jen