Friday, April 27, 2007

a picture is a thousand words....

i really think the picture says it all about judy....she is someone you want to know. she is sooo funny. and what a wonderful mixture, judy's personality mixed in with the chunks of broken plates, found objects, rocks, memorabilia and endless ideas...and they are cemented perfectly together.

i wanted to introduce you to judy, i found her years ago, showing her work on t.v., and was amazed with her mosaics, and immediately it sent my mind spinning. being an artist, i tend to go for the not ordinary....something handmade, something differently wonderful.

needing house numbers, since our little towns system was changed, and we were required to have them...judy made an incredible house number sign for my home, and it is perfect. done in wonderful colors, amazing design, and then judy's personal style....corn on the cob handles, representing my grandpa's old farm, pop bottle tops, my sons favorite flavor, and the kooky figures, for a kooky family....dominoes numbered out around the border....spelling out the families has my heart.

judy makes frames, portraits, name it, she will create it...and you can send her your mementos and she adds them to your piece, or she will add her own found objects, it's all up to you... you must check out her site, listed to the left...and be sure to check out the "school" category, where you can actually see murals, it's amazzzzing...

her work is all commission, so be thinking way ahead of time of things you would love, she's a busy girl!

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jennifer lanne said...

what fun! ahhhhh all the work that goes into everything. So fun and funky