Monday, May 28, 2007

what a day in the studio!

i don't think there was any part of my work that i didn't do today...from painting, sanding, waxing, sanding some more, waxing some more, staining, drawing and cutting wood...and of course all the paperwork and computer and phone stuff... it was truly one of the most hectic days but in the end so satisfying because i have soooo many boards coming out to you this week and next! and i'm happy with the way they are turning out... there were so many "gypsy kings" to make (above), which are really fun to mold.

i have a collection of new paint colors out in a row to inspire me to create a set of new boards...i'm thinking i would like to paint some lighter colors with three boards to the set... but who knows what will really happen when i get my eyes on black!

tomorrow up early...lots of shipping to do and sanding... it stormed so hard today that the ground is finally moist again, just perfect to set out my new ferns...


FrostingsNSparkles said...

Fabulous colors!! Those days are the best days, for you truly know that you've accomplished something. The paperwork and the phone part are no fun though ;)

Lana said...

How cool! I will own one... someday soon... really I will!


donna said...

I just LOVE my new board Diane! It is absolutely beautiful and looks wonderful with my other game boards. I look forward to ordering another piece of your beautiful art in the near future.
Sincerely, Donna