Thursday, May 24, 2007

why am i blogging all the time....

you have probably noticed that i am blogging much more than usual...and changes have been made on my website... the truth is, i dropped some wood on my foot, ouch. sitting was much better, but then i was made to observe the chaos around me...and was tempted to shuffle about trying to fix i decided to turn my back to it and it was a good time to write...then my hubby shared his virus with me, we just love to share everything! but i'm back up and flying into quit making fun of me!

there is a blog game going's called tag...well i have been tagged by lana from honeysuckle i believe what i am supposed to do is add this to my blog and then tag somebody else...and i know just who that would be!

the closest book to me page 28, an excerpt...(this is the instructions)

Reading Lolita In Tehran - Azar Nafisi

"It is amazing how, when all possibilities seem to be taken away from you, the minutest opening can become a great freedom. We felt when we were together that we were almost absolutely free. This feeling was in the air that very first Thursday morning. I had a frame for the class, and had selected a number of books to read, but I was prepared to let the class shape me; I was prepared for the violin to fill the void, and alter it by its music."

i just loved this book, i list it as one of my favorites... i am so curious about the middle east and the customs, the differences and the similarities. i found in this story that when the people were stripped of the obvious differences to me; clothing, customs.... then there were so many similarities, so basic; wanting not to disappoint family, falling in love, wanting to learn more about other places, wanting to travel and just wanting to read what interested them. the basic human emotions are the same, different place, different people. i guess if you strip everybody of the differences on the outside, customs, religion, culture, then we are left with the likenesses of people, human emotion.

so now it is my turn to play tag with somebody else, and as you know i love games! and tag was certainly one of my favorites, i was fast and little.

so here is to you my painter friend, jennifer lanne.... i just couldn't resist seeing what you will do...and i certainly want to share both of their blogs with you; honeysuckle lane and art on the farm and these names say it all... so have fun everyone!

off to work, i have a very serious meeting this morning and must pull off the "business" look... wish me lots of luck on this.

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