Saturday, June 2, 2007

country living....29th guild member

today i just received my july issue of country living magazine. i've been excited, worried, pretty much everything, waiting to see this article....and i'm really happy with the turnout... (i fear, however, that i'm much older and plumper than i invision in my own mind...!) just as soon as i learn how to scan and upload i will add it to the site so you can have a little sneak preview...but honestly, you will probably already have yours by then!

i couldn't resist this picture when i came across it....for you who know me you know i don't have a competitive bone in my body, am not vain (which my hubby would like me to have a little of that, and not run around town in paint clothes), and really do not take any bragging rights for what i do, i'm just pretty much happy go lucky and wish everything wonderful for everybody...

so i did have to come out of my shell a little to add this cheering photo....after all it really is a very big deal, quite an honor that country living hand chose me out of thousands of applications. i honestly didn't even apply, after all, i don't belong "up" there, i would've never had the nerve! so they applied for me, country living did, behind my back pretty a very heartfelt thank you to tisha and the gang.


Jen - Earth Angels said...

CONGRATS!! well deserved -- I cannot wait to get my issue and read every delicious word.. You are wonderful and bthis is well deserved attention...send me a scanned copy when you have a minute and I will post as well
xxoxoxoxo Jen

mindy j. said...

WOW! It's about time, you deserve this! I'm so happy for you, fly with this girl! Can't wait to eat up my copy! We will talk soon!

Beth Antrim said...

Hi baby sister, Cathy had the magazine at my birthday dinner Saturday at Two Senoritas. After dinner we went next door to the bookstore to get my own copy so magazine so I could show all my friends and co-workers the wonderful article. Petie and Francis were VERY impressed! It was wonderful! Congratulations - you deserve it! Hugs - Beth