Sunday, July 29, 2007

saturday music show.... wynonna

last night i went to see wynonna... hard to believe she came to a little town like ours... it was a beautiful night in the mountains, the night coolness of the air, stadium surrounded by mountains, fireflies in the air and children running and dancing around the stage. she loves the children, she said she felt that she was being entertained and not the end of her moving performance the skies were lit with fireworks....and then a nice walk home...

she has always amazed me and i've always loved her. her spirit, talent and openness has always been shared with all of us. she is what she seems....searching, hoping, caring. you know when somebody is get chills, tingles. she sang this song last night that i wanted to share with you. i remember the first time i heard it, the song crossed over from i believe the christian music charts to contemporary music...and was being played everywhere...i remember being moved to tears.

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Lana said...

Wynonna has a beautiful voice! I can imagine it echoed beautifully through the mountains.

I've been enjoying the evenings here at home. When I close up the chickens at night, I linger a while outside to watch the fireflies... and imagine myself at home as a little girl again.