Tuesday, September 11, 2007

and the angels cried....

i will never forget... the world changed on this day.... i remember i was in the safety of my mountains with my toddler at my knees... after days of pain and confusion i designed a game board called the prayer... i put my heart and spirit into this piece...to me it signified the things to be thankful for...i new i had to do something positive i was falling deep into a state of sadness....
this is the piece that i wrote...i chose not to mention God by His name, for the reason that i believe that all people around the world can share this one prayer...
let me see the beauty in the unnoticed
keep me nourished and sheltered
let me not be fearful of the
constant movement
of life
but be assured by the moon
and the stars for the tomorrows
let my heart be
loving and compassionate
my hands strong with
truth and faith
and my direction

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