Tuesday, October 2, 2007

what a fun time

what a fun week it was...!

... jan karan who writes the wonderful series of books about a small town, characters of the town, the minister and his wife cynthia, came to town to celebrate mitford days...

the town was turned into a replica of mitford, which didn't take much doing since she wrote the books here and used the town as her imaginary mitford. over 15,000 people came up the mountain to attend, from as far away as california... everyone wants to live in mitford, don't they?

breakfast at the local diner, parades and an orange marmalade cake contest was held... and jan is just as sweet as her books.... (i DO have a little inside info. on that), she's delightful to listen to, funny as all get out, and very surprised and humble about the hoopla she has created with her wonderful imagination.... i heard through the grapevine that it will become a yearly event, so you might just want to check that out so you too can come and enjoy mitford. this month she will start a new series about father tim...and she mentioned that she sure did meet some characters at this event that she will be able to draw upon....

(the top picture is of my dear hubby....and little one in the back, ((they drive in every local parade, which the town believes in having parades for any old reason!)), with aka rodney underwood, the local police officer).

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Lana said...

How wonderful Diane! Is it near Blowing Rock? Maybe next year I can wrangle a weekend getaway and see the festivities.