Saturday, April 26, 2008

a month already?

i always seem to be saying....time sure does fly on by. i cannot believe it's been a month since i've been blogging... so much to say and good therapy too.

i'm going to have to do some catching up with you this week from studio to home... i guess the distraction of spring has caused all of this, i've been longing to see my garden erupt to greet the sun ...

planting day here is May 15th, and only 4 months for those plants to grow and flower and then once again, go dormant. i wonder if a law should be passed here, gardening for 4 months and then back to work. after all, isn't it france that takes a long vacation at the same time? i do believe.
the above pictures are from my garden yesterday....nature is an amazing anecdote to a creative dry spell, or as a color guide for the eye... take a walk yourself and notice the amazing number of colors and shades in a flower or a leaf....

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