Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mrs. Ry Morm and her husband have been married for twenty five years. They have five children—three sons and two daughters. One of their daughters is married and lives outside the family home. as for the other four children, two are employed full time and other two are in school. The family lives about fifteen kilometers from Phnom Penh.

Mrs. Morm has been a fish seller for twenty five years. She buys the fish in her village for resale at market. Her husband is a security guard at a company in Phnom Penh.
Mrs. Morm is requesting a loan for the second time. She is asking for $1000 to purchase a motorbike for her husband to use for his work, and to buy fish for resale

over the last year i have had a link to listed on the left of my site for people interested in giving, and for people wanting to find out what kiva is all about... but i wanted to blog about them again, after all, i do loan to them and have been repaid by several people already... every good cause deserves a cheerleader every now and then... - loans to entrepreneurs... this is a fascinating organization started by a couple to help individuals or groups around the world to begin their own business, add to their business, or for individual needs; transportation, roof repair...

kiva is the first micro-lending website that enables givers to directly choose and give to who they would like to support...what fascinates me about this organization is that there isn't the bureaucracy that is normally involved when one gives... you just go to their site and decide what small business or family you would like to help out with a loan (that's the hard part, choosing) ... and if feels very personal because it is so direct. the loan areas are broken down; gender, area, farm, art, school, home repairs, etc.

our country is rich and fabulous - we were built by the entrepreneur - we offer grants to artists for tools, schooling etc., grants to small businesses. this is similar, but worldwide... and i cannot tell you how many times i have needed a loan in a small amount for tools or supplies over the years, a starving artist is just that...but grants are long and time consuming request, and it can be a year before you hear this is a quick-get-to-the-point and help 'personal type of grant', that is made to people around the world by you.

today i received partial payment on some of the loans that i have given. it's a good feeling for me to know that i helped somebody on 'the other side of the world' to make their vision a success. what would we do if we couldn't dream and take steps towards making our dream a reality... the entrepreneur is a fearless person and will do what it takes to succeed. i have great faith in the kiva loan receivers and know that they will work countless hours, go without, struggle, to make their vision succeed.

so if you have $25 that you would like to loan to an artist, a growing business, a household that would like to plant a crop or do home repairs, checkout their site... it's amazing what so little $ from our country can do to help others globally.

so check out their site...

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