Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#4 - arie's house - gee's bend collection

arie's house
4th in limited edition
gee's bend inspired game boards...

The 4th board in the collection of gee's bend inspired game boards is now available... here are photos of the finished piece... (please see earlier blog for more photos of the work in progress...and the story of the inspiration...)

Arie's House
checker board
19 x 19
limited edition of 20
$200.00 + $15.00 shipping
6 weeks delivery

to order: please email me @ dianeallison@charter.net

or call my studio: 828-265-0977, to reserve your piece...

only 10 still available...

colors: soft green, off white, red, browns, terracotta, navy and worn blue

please visit my website to see more about the gee's bend game board collection... http://www.dallisongameboards.com/ - and to see other game boards that are available...

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