Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i've been accepted....


art for home. for life. forever

I've recently been accepted by the Guild - Artful Home.... you may already receive their wonderful catalog - i just received my fall edition yesterday..., but they also have a website where you can browse and shop and learn about the artists, their work, and their inspirations. Artful Home, and the talented artists and beautiful artwork, is regularly featured in national and regional publications.

(hollowform vessel below by - joel hunnicutt)

Being accepted into the Guild is a great honor for me - for they represent North America's finest artists. 'Accomplished, celebrated, and rigorously selected by industry experts, Artful Home artists are among today’s proven masters.'

With over 12,000 pieces available by selected studios, the jury process is difficult. 'Each piece is selected by our jury of renowned artistic advisers. Each work of art included in Artful Home has been selected by an advisory panel of experts from the art world. Knowing that every piece you see has met our exacting standards means you can purchase with confidence.' The Artful Home catalogs and website offer more than 12,000 works of original art for the home, all made by hand and shipped direct from our Guild artists’ studios.'

The Guild - Artfulhome - is a wonderful link created from the artists studio into your homes. Please be sure to check out their site - it's easy to shop on, categories galore, and interesting reading...i especially love reading the 'artist corner', it's so interesting to see what other artists are creating.

And I thank the Guild for including me in the 1,200 artists of this be surrounded by such talent is more than humbling...

I hope to be up on their site by early October - so look for me there!

below is a quilt by michele hardy - titled 'windows'.... 29.5" x 21.5" - (link takes you directly to her piece).

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