Sunday, October 5, 2008

kiva needs our help...

you know i just love - i've blogged about them, given them loans and have their link on my blog at all's their birthday and i got an email from them asking for our help to celebrate this 3rd birthday with them...but there is something we MUST do FOR THEM...

look at what they have done in just 3 years!!!

"Thanks to the help of Frontline viewers, we raised $1 million in our first year. By Year 2, we reached $10 million (thanks Oprah viewers!). By our 3rd birthday, we've passed $40 million and supported over 90,000 entrepreneurs. What can you get Kiva for our birthday? $1.5 million! "

and now they are asking for our help... any of you American Express customers? that's what they are needing right now... there is a promotion going on right now with American Express - and the winner will receive a 1.5 MILLION Grant from American Express... this is an on-line contest by American Express - hey thanks for that big guys! but you DO have to be their customer - which i am not - so will you cover for me?

kiva has already won 100,000 in this promotion - but they are going for the 1.5 million...

what do YOU do? if you have an american express you just log on to the site and vote for kiva (link below) - they have made it into the final top 5 - and all votes for the final contest have been set back to '0', so if you have already done this - you need to do it again for this final round...

let's do what we can to help kiva - 1.5 million will help 60,000 entrepreneurs throughout the WORLD, whether it's to start their own business or send their children to school or even for small home repairs...

as you know - i'm a starving artist - but i do all i can do for is the only organization that i know of that ALL proceeds go to the individual; i loan money to a person to purchase seed for their farm - they get the $, and eventually pay me back. it's an amazing story of individuals with small amounts helping other individuals with small this time, this economy we must try not to forget the people who have less than ourselves, as we tighten things around our own homes lets remember to still give to others who are needing more than ourselves.

check out their stats:

Kiva Is and Has:
36 months old
$44,913,200 raised
98% repayment rate
93,676 entrepreneurs funded
342,944 Kiva users
149 countries represented

if you want more info. on kiva - here is their link... kiva

don't forget to vote for them, we only have 1 WEEK to make this happen!

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