Friday, December 5, 2008

my dad sent this to me and i thought i'd share it with all of you... amazing grace has always been one of my favorite christian pieces, and it is also one of the first songs that i try to learn whenever i am figuring out a new instrument....oh how many times i've called mom and dad and made them listen over the phone to my horribly carved out rendition of amazing grace.

this i love, for the singing is beautiful, but the bagpipes i will always be a fan of... hey mom and dad, you know bagpipes are big up here....maybe i'll practice and give you a call...(i hate that they now have caller i.d.)

this is a group from italy - II Diva - it is an amazing performance in a beautiful setting...i just bet you will get chills half way through...

ok...after i posted the above i thought i'd get on line and see what other music i could find by these guys...we might be seeing more and more from them, after all i did read the words 'simon cowell', and you know what that means if you are a fan of american idol...below you can read what is being said...

Editorial Reviews

While not exactly classical crossover's take on The Monkees, this international quartet of young male vocalists from America, France, Spain, and Switzerland shares a similar genesis. Assembled after a long talent search and audition process, they were teamed with pop producers Per Magnusson and David Krueger (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys) and Steve Mac (Charlotte Church, Kelly Clarkson) and turned loose on a slate of classical-pop favorites, with a dramatic, dynamically nuanced read of Toni Braxton's signature "Unbreak My Heart" setting the standard. While the deceptive ease of their harmonies belie the group's disparate nationalities and talent search roots on the melodramatic "Hoy Que Ya No Estas Aqui," Morricone's glorious Mission theme, "Nella Fantasia" and the cascading "Passera," the album's pop-oriented material is a decidedly more mixed bag ."Everytime I Look at You" and "Feelings" (not Morris Albert's) soar gracefully, while "The Man You Love" seems more a throwback to the producers' boy band roots. The standard "My Way" and a lovely, bonus cut Italian version of "Unchained Melody" close the album out on a high note.

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