Monday, January 12, 2009

forcing branches...

ok...i'm really trying, truly i am....but we have had such cold is hard right now to be mom sent me a cartoon, very appropriate too....children in an igloo are huddled around a t.v. watching the announcement of a 'snow day'....and then cheering...the mother, in the background has what i would say a grumpy look on her as i was out and about i heard just that - tomorrow will probably be a snow day, honestly it has become a much dreaded saying lately...the kids have used up all the snow days that are allotted to them by the state for the year, before the year even started...and our real snow doesn't even come until i will admit that i'd rather have snow than rain, and i'd rather have snow then just plain cold.....but come on!

today as i pulled my paints out that i planned to use i noticed a slight i poured them out into my paint bowls...i noticed that yes, my paint is very cold and has gumped up into a blob - unwilling to even participate for what i had planned...i hurried outside later to paint my molding and get my sanding done...for my one rule is that i won't go outside to work if it is below appears that the temps. will be falling to "0" for sometime this school, globby paint and the dog who backs up when she feels the slightest cold hit her face when i go to take her out...hmmmm

so i thought i'd look at somethings that might just be the perfect pick me up to think about....forcing branches...sometimes it is better not to live in the moment and skip ahead to something wonderful that is about to happen....i think i got these instructions from country home mag.

here's some reading for you - write it down on your calendar for next will be surprised when you flip the calendar page and see something so fun to do...

Forcing Branches

Bring home the delicate blossoms and branches of flowering trees. Place them in vases or create your own pretty keepsakes.

Get a jump on spring and bring flowering shrubs indoors. Forcing blooms is easy with a few simple steps:

In late February or early March, look for shrubs with long branches and lots of swollen, plump buds. Cut branches in the afternoon when flowers have the most moisture.

Using sharp pruners, cut branches at least 12 inches long and at a 45-degree angle. To draw water to the blooms, smash the bottom 2 inches of the cut end using a hammer or mallet.

Place branches in room-temperature water and put in a cool spot away from sunlight. Change water often for longer bloom time. Keep branches moist by covering with a plastic bag or by misting daily.

Depending on the shrub (forsythia and pussy willows are quick to open), buds will start flowering in 1 to 4 weeks. Once they start to bloom, move branches to a sunnier spot and enjoy! They'll last up to a week.

Best shrubs for forcing: Azalea, beauty bush, crab apple, flowering quince, forsythia, magnolia, pussy willow, red bud, rhododendron, service berry, spirea, witch hazel, and fruit trees (such as cherries, pears, and apples).

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Anonymous said...

I like you am tiring of this winter. But I will look forward to February - and trying to force some branches in my home.

Freezing in Wyoming