Monday, January 5, 2009

just a peek... much as i hate too, (not really)...i must...for many of you are emailing me about the upcoming gee's bend inspired game board that was shown on my web site...and so i will give in and give you a peek of the new piece midway through...there still is much more to be done though...but as promised....your eyes dance with the colors...what fun i had with this piece - drawing and mixing up the colors...and emergency calls to my do i mix this color?

this is the 5th piece in the series titled "minnie" - made into the pattern of the mill game...she will be available in march...i'll bring you a picture of the finished piece in a couple of weeks...along with the story of the inspiration of "minnie"...just for your reference the other pieces that are shown below with "minnie" have not been aged as of yet, so they are shown a little 'brighter' than they will be when they are completed...and should blend pretty with "minnie"...

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