Sunday, January 25, 2009

where to find art?

an on-line gallery of american artists

caramia visick

whether you are searching for jewelry, art or sit angels will make you feel welcomed, cared for and simply adored...this is THE on-line shopping spree for everyone - whether you are a collector or soon to be collector of american art will soon find that you can't resist the artists, their work and jen herself...

nicole bowen

barbara stawser

i've blogged before about 'earth angels', for jen o'connor, leader of all angels has created a very unique company. over the years she has added to her band of artistic angels and will always continue to search for more...for she has built a wonderful company with the crafts from artists across america and is truly a delight to work with... i wanted to showcase a group of the angels for you and some of their pieces over the next few weeks for jen has nearly 50 angels to share with you...(but you can always peek ahead and go straight to her site to view more art and artists...)

kitty babendreier
(always room for a piece from kitty...)

and as the world changes once again from what we once new.... american artists are struggling to stay put for we have lost so many venues that once shared our work with you - magazines, catalogs and storefronts have all taken a toll and for the american artist a time has come for all of us to decide if we will be able to continue our art or to find another position for ourselves... so don't stop collecting american craft for you are supporting an artist and their family...

jody battaglia

debrina pratt

you have probably seen earth angels beautiful adds in some of your favorite magazines, as well as read articles featuring many of her artists...for many angels are 'famous', and many more will become 'famous' in their if you are wanting to add some pieces to your home and you don't have that special shop in town...or if you are snowed can always browse the earth angels site and collect to your hearts content...

ashley carter

cheryl kuhn

pat castka

julie arkell

stacey bear

lori ann corelis

dara dimagno

and yes, i am an angel too...


sandlalouer said...

Hi Diane,
What a lovely post! I fully agree with you! Earthangelstoys is THE best (on-line) shop to find american art. Jen is just adorable and you are always welcome. Even if you were not a collector of american art, be sure to become one if you enter in Earthangelstoys shop. You will be addicted. And thanks to Jen I discovered you game boards!! ;-)
Have a nice day,

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