Friday, February 13, 2009

i know i promised you...

as promised.....i wanted to feature earth angels, (the on-line shopping source) and jen o'connor's band of angels over the next several week...we are all thinking 'spring'.... and the troupe of earth angel artists can help you spruce up your palace....add to your collections or inspire you with their ideas and colors...
debbie hartwick

jill kenny

jennifer lanne

marjan jorritsma

leslie mccabe

bill & marcia finks

deidre friebely

maree massey

f.g. @ company

dara dimagno

jill schwartz

if you would like to view more work by the above artists...or by other artists that she carries - be sure to click on this link to be taken to her site...

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Lana said...

oh wow! beautiful artwork!