Saturday, March 21, 2009

it's the saturday music show...

my dad gave me the heads up on this boy - declan galbraith...this is one of his older videos - i couldn't date it though, dad said some of his videos are from when he was 6 - having a 9 year old i'm thinking somewhere between 8-12....(dad later found it was when he was 10)

being in the process of raising a young son myself it is the age old question - "why"? the passion that declan shows in this song through his self and through the music and lyrics may just move you to tears, for it did me...listening to the opening lyrics of what he dreams when he's asleep to the truth of what he sees when he is awake, to the knowledge at a young age that one day he may be a soldier is heart wrenching...the question "why"? screams such a simple yet innocent summation of the wrongs that we choose to do everyday worldwide...perhaps that is what the world needs - simple, and right...for until then how can we explain it to our children, other than power and greed.

here's my challenge to all of you out there that read my blog...there are around 400 of you now across the world...listen to this song every morning, tell your family and friends to give it a listen, forward it to everyone you know in other cities and countries...maybe in 30 days we will all see an innocence, long lost, show itself...and we will know what we can do to make a change...for we need to rethink our thinking and be retaught ourselves - before we can teach the way to peace - rather than to except the teachings of war.

imagine if every music teacher taught this song to their students - from elementary to high school ages, and it was then perfomed for the parents....what would be the effect?

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