Sunday, May 31, 2009

give it a try...

i love shell art...sailor's valentines always tempt me to just give it a try...but there are so many other shell projects that you can try for yourself...there is something about shells and summer - they just go hand and hand, the thought of the beach and the shades of white...i just love it...

here are some ideas from country living magazine that i thought i'd pass on to you - maybe inspire? if you have kids at home - we all know they would love this too, and it will keep them busy at the kitchen table for a good hour!

what a great memory you can create searching for shells and then making a special piece for your home, whether you are by yourself, with your kids or grand kids, the piece will certainly be cherished...but if you can't get to the beach i have browsed in the past on-line for shells and you are able to buy shells in bulk at various places including ebay if you don't have a michaels like me...they are beautiful too displayed in a vase, set here and there - i myself have a shell on the drain in the shower - it just looks pretty when you step in...

Shell Mosaic
When creating big projects, try to use at least seven different types of shells. They're usually inexpensive, so buy them in bulk and then choose the best ones in the lot. Lay out your shell design before using a hot-glue gun to secure them in place

Naturalistic Display
Gracefully curvaceous and sculptural, these pearly treasures bestow a note of sophistication to any room. Show off the seaside beauties in a large glass, or scatter them around a candle or across a table for a naturalistic display.

Combine Shell Sizes
When decorating a large space, such as this bathroom, create interest by mixing shell sizes. Large shells lend drama to transition points, such as corners. Tiny ones create texture. And medium ones, balance.

Shell Memento
Pay homage to summers past. Embellish a simple wood frame with local shells such as limpets, available on both coasts, and slip in a picture of your family's bathing beauty. Arrange your design, then secure the shells with craft glue.

Breeze Tamers
Prevent tablecloths from billowing. Gather sun-bleached oyster or clam shells, sides still attached. Slip jute, knotted at both ends, between open "wings" of the shells, and lay across the table. For a centerpiece, gather turban shells and scallops.

i think i'll give it a try....
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