Sunday, August 30, 2009

it's about time!

yes, it's been weeks and weeks since i've sat at the computer giving you an update of what is going on in my studio...but finally here i sit in my comfort zone typing away...

august is that month where i think i fit an entire year of running around and organizing into just 30 days, for school starts back up, so there is all the build up and getting ready for that, then we are given a new schedule for our lives for the next 9 months, sports practice starts up and i know that's just the beginning....and it's a time for me to catch up in my studio, do what is piling up in a lesser amount of i didn't blog i just turned into a well oiled working machine!

i thought i'd share some of the sweet comments and pictures that i've received this all really make my day, whether it's chatting on the phone (as much as i love to talk on the phone i probably should've been born one), to your funny and sweet emails...they keep me moving forward with a happy kick to my thanks so much!

"Hi Diane! I'm absolutely in love with the game boards. You do such amazing work!! I'm still in the middle of refurbishing and repainting and I've also decided that one of the game boards is going in another room....I have a very high backed headboard on my bed and I couldn't decide what to put above it. I set the smaller, square game board up against the pillows just so I could get a better look at it and it just screamed at me, "hang me up!".......but, as soon as all of that is done, I'll take some photos and send them to you so you can see just how happy your babies are in their new home:) "

"hi diane, minnie is absolutely fabulous! thank you so much."

"Hi Diane,
Thank you for the new Board. I love it!!!!! You out did yourself. Keep them coming.
Love all the colors and the patterns. Keep me on your list. Hope you have a wonderful
Labor Day weekend. Have been busy with our third Grandson. Will try to be on the look-
out for your new designs so just sign me up!"

Hey Diane,

After three weeks of company I am FINALLY able to sit in my guest room and stare at my three new game boards! They are absolutely so incredible that sufficient descriptive words escape me. They put the finishing touches on a room that I have decorated to honor my wonderful husband who is my hero... I have sent him the picture of the boards and he, too, is impressed with how great they look.

Diane, I am grateful for your talent and so appreciative that you share it with the ones of us who are fortunate enough to have it grace our homes.

HAPPY 50th!!!! It sounds as though you had a wonderful time with your family. Thanks for sharing glimpses of your life on your blog.....

Thanks again,

Dear Diane ~ A thousand apologies for having not gotten this in the mail earlier! I have meant to write since we received our game boards on July 3. What a treat to have received such a special piece of Americana just before our nation's birthday! Oh Diane, they are so incredibly beautiful and oh so precious. Even my husband was touched by the little cards/stories you attached to each board.
It is my wish that if I can give just one thing to my children when I leave this earth it will be a game board to each with a thousand good memories of playing games together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful 'gifts' with the rest of us. They are to be treasured always ~ as should you! With gratitude.
with sweet notes like these, who wouldn't want to be at work?

if you are in 'need' of game boards, here is my link:

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Sarah said...

Don't recall how I originally found your work, but I adore your game boards. I receive your emails, but just now found your blog and have signed on as a follower. I'm eager to own one of your boards. I'm off to visit the catalog. It's so difficult to select just one!
You are extremely creative!

Sarah @