Thursday, October 29, 2009

i'm totally addicted...

ok. first of all, i gave up my DVR, i know, can you imagine? it had become my very best friend, night after night playing back all my favorites from my weekly shows down to old amc movies that i yearned to i said it was my best friend, but i just had to let her go...for i stopped reading entirely, i became just annoying (said my hubby, for when he would walk into the room i would pause the show and stare at him) off she went...i thought it best....

so after many months of suffering...and i mean i did suffer, i have found that i just can't watch my favorites anymore - either i'm not available or i'm sound i've become one of those really annoying channel surfers, you know the one that surfs even if it is only during the commercial? well that's me right now...

but what has come out of all of this is i have discovered:

Say Yes To The Dress - TLC

i mentioned to my mom last night that i'm hooked on this - she hadn't heard of it, and i think she thought it boring...but i just love watching everyone try on these beautiful wedding dresses! now if that doesn't sound 'fun' to you, then i don't know what i can say - other than it IS fun!

I have no idea when it is that is reason to be surfing - poor little eli even finds himself watching intently with me...

but, as things would have it, i received an email from baret boisson this morning with a link to a site that featured her work as a chosen wonderful wedding gift idea - wedding portraits! baret is currently running a special if you mention the wedding blog you will receive a 10% discount on a commissioned painting.

The blog itself,

Recycled Bride

is really cool - where believe it or not you are receiving those awesome dresses, jewelry and table decor at a "recycled" price....ok, maybe everyone doesn't want a 'recycled' dress, but how would you like flower girl dress, vases or other things that you could use that would perhaps never be used again?

all this just makes me want to start collecting veils...would that be wierd...probably not...

here is baret's link: baret boison

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Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

Hello Diane!
I hope El has fully recovered... and you too!
I am not sure what a DVR is, I've heard of it but haven't seen or used one, but I am addicted to Clean House. Not "a" clean house, mind you, but the show on Style Network. I can't get enough of it!
If I could still purchase VHS tapes, I'd record the shows. YES, I still have a VCR, lol! I also have a cheap dvd player but that's all it is: a player, not a recorder. Speaking of a clean house... I'd better go straighten things up a bit before I cook supper. Hope you have a lovely evening! :)