Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh my...thanksgiving

my favorite holiday of the year is thanksgiving...but it also makes me sad that i'm not going to my parents house to celebrate - recipes passed on generation to generation are pulled out onto the table, tablecloths and candles set the special mood...oh how i do miss that....

our thanksgiving is traditional in food - but sometimes it is lacking the prettiness that i was raised around...for we have more of an open house party atmosphere, come when you can, as you are and bring anybody with you...part of this is because we live in a resort town, so not everyone has the day off so we just wing it...also we have a lot of friends that will be working on thanksgiving, delaying their celebration until the weekend when they finally will make it home...so they will be dropping in from time to time for a plate of yummy food....so all is welcome - whenever you come is fine by us....

and i'm starting to think about 'where' we will eat, for our teeny tiny house sits a table for 4 - so i will be thinking on that over the next couple of days - time to be creative...i won't stress out though, for it's a time to be with friends and family and to count our blessings...and i will never ever be close to being perfect, so i'll have fun instead...

but here is what will be cooked by eli and i:

succulent wonderful turkey
spiral ham
mom's pineapple casserole - out of this world - and you can only have a bit or you will get sick
pat's corn souffle - all the way from iowa
misty's cornbread stuffing
white stuffing
green bean casserole - yes you know the one
mashed potatoes and gravy
mashed sweet potato casserole - tastes just like pie
whipped fruit salad
fresh cranberries
jello - for that picky one

and that's all i've come up with so far...but i will add a couple more vegy dishes that aren't on the sweet side...i always like to try something new...and i will have plenty of victims to try them on...

i will make a dash for the pie to our local baker - long ago ordered for it is far better than what i can make

the party starts at 11:00 until 11:00 - so do drop by if you can...

have a wonderful thanksgiving - i hope everything goes as perfectly as you intend...

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