Thursday, July 22, 2010

i'm baaack...

after a much needed spoiling session by my parents, i'm back in the mountains working in the studio again....i still am feeling disorganized but little by little things will settle in... but while i was gone i talked to my oldest son, davey....he said he was on youtube - now let me tell you a little about davey - he has a giving kind heart and is an amazing musician....he is that musician that plays by 'ear', that writes his own music, that lays down bed after bed of music and then puts it altogether...he can't read a note of music, for he never had to learn, so has created his own 'code' that he writes with...
and shy shy shy about it - i push and push for him to go out and play around town, to put his work on youtube; to take a chance.....'ahhhhhh' is always his when a friend of his was over, his friend taped him playing and put it on youtube....phew, i say, finally....
here's a bit:

a proud mama i am!
and if you have noticed that my site isn't up and running (expired) - that is something that i'm trying to accomplish this week (renewal) - so until then here is a direct link to my site that you can use:

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Lana said...

Welcome home Diane! :)

I'm sure you will be creating all sorts of wonderful designs now that you are back.

I'm not surprised by the talent in the youtube video ~ he's YOUR son!

Have a lovely evening!