Tuesday, March 1, 2011

color, color and

add a little more color...

that's what i've been seeing in every magazine....that's what 2011 is going to be full of, what every decorator is choosing...ahhhhhh, i just love COLOR!

color, from pinks in low tones to the fuchsia that i dance for - blues in their softest shades, robins egg and deep into navy...yellow the softest of soft to the shocking bold...it's just the beginning of a year of color...

i love when we hit a 'color mania', for my home is full of throws, quilts, pillows, game boards and painted walls in every shade....it's what makes me, well me....i try for the understated neutral, i really yearn for that softness, but then here i go again, throwing colors in that could possibly offend those most sensitive to the brazen boldness of it, leaving them yearning to go home to be calmed? i don't know, but what i do know, is that color is what makes me happy, it lightens my heart, it makes my eyes dance...and for me, that's what it is all about...

for the more traditional chic homes, a dash of magnificent color makes it an individual home...your home...add that bright accessory, come on give it a try...you can always put it away if it is just to brash for you...but try it just a bit and see if you don't walk by that room and your eyes dance, just a bit?

if you don't subscribe to 'house beautiful', check out the march cover when you are out...it screams out...

"the POWER of PINK!


i felt like a 4 year old when i saw this cover.....i wanted to yell and get every ones attention to say look at this, can you believe it? but knowing they would think i had lost my mind, i quietly bought the magazine....but i really think i had a slight dance to my step as i walked out to my car - just dying to go through all the colorful pages and dream in color...

even my hubby has been swayed a bit....he is hanging invisible book shelves all over the house and declaring it art....now i might have to pull him back just a bit, because honestly i think we would have books hanging in every nook and crannie if i just let him run amok with this idea of his too long...but if you look at the photo above, i think he is on to something, books do add interest and COLOR!

if you would like to browse some colorful game boards, here's my link:


Anonymous said...

Dear Diane -

Got the game board and LOVE it. You do such gorgeous work. Please keep me HIGH on your list for that round one. It would finish off my work space.
In the meantime I'm giving you a huge THANK YOU!!!! ...and another thanx for the way you did the hook/wire for hanging per my special request.

Enjoy the rest of winter.


Lana said...

Diane ~ all of your game boards shown in this post are fantastic!

I usually work with neutrals and just a hint of color, but as spring approaches, I find myself working on my folk art watercolors this week and adding all kinds of fun and whimsical colors! It must be something in the air! :)