Saturday, March 26, 2011

white rabbit anyone?

I'm late / I'm late / For a very important date. / No time to say "Hello." / Goodbye. / I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

that's what i've been feeling lately....just plain disappointed when i walk through the studio...after all, i had a plan, i was in a groove, i was drawing and painting the days away...and it all came to a screeching it sometimes does, and i'm on to taking care of my life right now....

i will need to postpone my 1st official web can that be, after all, it is my 1st official one...and i just wonder how late i will be... things have been a bit on the chaotic side around here...broken saws, broken nail guns, broken dishwasher, flat tires, limbs through my roof (yes, again) and eli's recent bout with a hernia keeping him home for some time....i will just have to let life do it's thing for awhile, and take over....i'm smart enough to know it will win everytime anyway!

so i'm resetting my be mid april....i have many more pieces to paint, which i will begin tomorrow, but it will be going at a slow pace for i am also wearing my nurse's isn't easy to keep eli down....after all, he skateboards in the house and walks on stilts...(yes i'm one of those moms, floors can be refinished)...but even those things barely help me beat his winter blues....oh, this will be a hard job, but i can do it, right?

i haven't decided what day of the week is best, nor the time for my web if you would like to share your ideas with me on that, that would be great!.....i don't know what would be most convenient for you let's do it YOUR way, why not?

the one thing i AM sure of - there are lots of new designs banging about in my head...some painted and drying, some drawn out, some trying to get out of my head....they will all be different, but will go with other pieces i have made in the past color wise...i think you will find one that you will love for your collection, because they are all so different from each other...

well i must close down for now and put my little sunshine to bed....goodnight....
for game boards, here's my link:


Lana said...

Diane, I'm sorry to hear you've had so much going on. It just takes time (and patience) but things will work out and you'll be ready for that webshow before you know it!

Recently, I was sick for nearly 5 weeks and it felt like I lost more than a month of my life. I was more than ready to get started back full-time on my artwork.

Thinking of you. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I hope you're able to follow that silly rabbit into wonderland! Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up, friend - and your left hook at the ready. We need to knock out these Winter Blues together! Can't wait to see your cool new stuff that's been bouncing around in that crazy brain of yours. I laughed when I read your post about the mag cover w/ PINK on it. I too was so excited to get it in the mail (Loser me!). How many more days until May??? Lisa