Thursday, April 14, 2011

show continued....

part 2 of my offerings...

"ruby slippers"

oh how this piece makes my eyes dance....i have so many favorites, but i think "ruby slippers" tops my list. I was not able to find a date for the original design that this was based on, for mine is a reproduction, but it is known that it came from Massachusetts. when i choose new designs to show i of course choose them by their appearance, and do i love it?, i have to ask myself...for if i don't, i will tire of making it....i also have to consider the amount of time i am investing in a piece...if i spend several days painting a piece, i will have to keep it for myself, for the cost to sell it would be prohibitive... and that is what i found with this piece - unaware when i went into the design, that it would take me days to paint...the stars alone took more than 3 that is why this piece is on the 'highest' end of the game boards that i have painted...but i did want to give you the opportunity to have it for your collection and not keep for myself...

"ruby slippers" #1 in edition of 10

19" x 19"


(colors: a "WOW" red, santa fe rose, dark blue, forest green, gold, light yellow just to name a few)

"mi casa, su casa"

brought out of retirement (for a little bit) - This piece is a reproduction dart board that was dated to the early 1900's. Years ago i made 3 of these dart boards and then soon after retired it. I am bringing this piece back for a limited # of 10 pieces (7available). The difficulty of drawing this piece is far more difficult than the painting and finishing put together, but it is such a pretty shade of green, blue and white, that i just couldn't resist it for the spring...

"mi casa, su casa"

#4 in an edition of 10

19" x 19"


(named by eli)

(colors: soft green, a somewhat bright blue (but not to bright), black and off white)

"kids play"

This is a reproduction game board that was dated back to the early 1900's. It is a variation of the game "skully", (a street game). I really love the look of letters and numbers, so i was drawn right to this piece. I especially like the added wood pieces that were attached giving it outward texture...just HAD to make this piece for myself!

kid's play

#1 in an edition of 10

16 1/2" x 18" - $175.00

(colors: this piece has dark blue underneath the darker green, but it's hardly noticeable, so i'm just going to list dark green, ivory and a red (not to bright of a red though))

I hope you have found a piece that you would like to add to your collection, or a piece to begin a collection with...

if you see a piece that you must have, just email me....i'll be going by the 'time stamp' on all of the emails...

if for some reason you were not 1st in requesting the piece, i am more than happy to make one for you....just allow me 6 weeks to create your special piece....

here's my email:

good luck to all of you!

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