Saturday, March 24, 2007

i trashed it....again

you know i really am a messy person...but even i sometimes have to stop and clean up so that my mind and ideas can float free....when i left the studio last night, i took a look back...and i just's trashed.

my home and other i like to call always in chaos...but i have found over the past year (only took 12) to realize that if my studio is spick and span then i walk in with a joyful heart instead of a heavy heart...and as a reminder i have the glittery words, joyful hanging from my paint table...which is nothing fancy, just an antique door with paint peeling off...sitting on top of two old cupboards that a friend gave me...but i'm quite attached to it.

so the day of the artist today is to get my studio back in order...if your mind is always spinning with ideas, then i've found it best to have order outside of the brain! and i was also thinking of painting some walls in the studio....half is a perriwinkle and half is a light yellow i'm thinking of painting some orange, or brownish yellow....and trim in a green or of course, i have a ton of other things to be doing...and in some ways more important...but i know me....and i have to love my studio to be creative...

so i'm off to the paint store....of course knowing this is not being done in the proper order...which is me all the time...and i'm going to browse to see what they have...and it looks like rain today, not a good day to paint, but sometimes you just have to be a rule breaker!

think of adding some color to your home this spring! diane

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purple cucumbers folk art said...

Hi sweetpea,I am always in cahos!I just tell folks its cause I am creative!Every once in a while I have to make a attemp to moving the piles of art and supplys around!ha ha.we are having BUEATFUL WEATHER and I worked in the veggie garden today.Have a great comming week.