Thursday, March 22, 2007

it's uncle sam!

oh what fun this show off my friend mary myers and her work! i have just ordered uncle sam....what a wonderfully carved nutcracker from mary's collection, and i just can't wait to get him, i just love the eagle he is holding, and yes, his mouth really does open, isn't that amazing? he will look just wonderful on my mantle in the studio with my penny pitch board behind him...and i knew i needed to order him now to have him in time for summer.

i just love summer, and i love the 4th of's a time where schedules don't have to be followed anymore, barefooted children chasing the fireflies, it just makes me feel good thinking about it...check out mary's site and look at her wonderful nutcracker carvings....and be sure to read her 'bio', she's a big deal out their in the land of artists! (she's listed to the left!) and if you are thinking YOU must have uncle sam too, you better order make sure you have by july!

breathe in some spring today and listen to those birds.....diane

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