Sunday, March 4, 2007

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3/4 ..... sunday morning

today i woke to a dusting of snow. march is known for the heaviest snowfall. but as always i'm so hopeful that it will be different this year! the tulips and lilies are starting to push up. spring is such a hopeful season to me and i'm always amazed that it happens over and over!

i've been getting lots of e-mail from friends and fellow artists that i thought i'd share with you....wonderful new things from these check them out!

jen o'connor of earth angels, you may have seen her featured in the march country living, if not, be sure to read the article...she is busy getting lots of new art from her group of angel artists! many of the names i'm sure you are familiar with!

jennifer lanne....oh, such a talented painter! you may have read about her farm life in a recent country living feature....she has just updated her beautiful site with new paintings that are now available....i have many of her pieces.... beautiful flowers and moving landscapes throughout my home....once you're're hooked!
mary nutcracker artist friend, has just completed her new hand carved line, with a focus on wonderful children's stories....3 little pigs and the big bad wolf you will die for! she is also updating her site so you will be able to get on her email update list! nutcrackers are not only for the holidays!
and a BIG thanks to nancy gerber, for helping me with figuring out the computer this week! nancy creates wonderful folky/primitive dolls and other fun can find her on various artist sites! and another BIG thanks to lori ann baker, for her computer knowledge...lori creates wonderful handmade bears and hares, be sure to check her site out too!

and as for me...this week i will become a member of the traditional folk art online site...! and i'm very happy about that...what a wonderful group of artists to be walking with....
before i forget, i also heard from my friend, mary cates...of mary cates & co., dallas, (my old home place, and an awesome store)....the april issue of country living is in her hands with pictures of my game boards in a featured home! i'm anxious to see it myself, and don't you forget to take a peek!

i have a lot of fun things going on in the studio, and many of your boards will be coming to make their home with you soon! i hope you have a great week loving your family, friends and a joyful heart.

p.s. - mom you are SO funny!


Atticbabys said...

Hi Diane!! Boy, when you learn something..... lol.
Your blog looks great, thanks for sharing it with me! Great picture of your work space. I would expect nothing less with such amazing gameboards created from there!! Thanks for the mention & I'll bookmark ya, Nancy (Atticbabys)

Lana Manis said...

Diane, I enjoyed "meeting" you recently via the internet. I just received my Country Living today ~ you're gameboards look awesome! Can't wait to see the issue featuring your work at home.
Take Care & God Bless,

Beth said...

Welcome to blogland....I'm adding you to my favorites so I can visit often.
We bloggers are a fun group...I think you'll like us !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the patriot flag waving for Memorial Day. Also love all your wonderful gameboards.
Rosalie Geiger