Saturday, March 10, 2007

what a treat!

what a treat i received from my talented artist friend jennifer lanne! what fun to unwrap something that you just know you are going to love forever, it's right up there with christmas morning....

i am on jennifer's email update list so i see immediately what new paintings she has just finished creating....and i know to let no time go between her updates and my letting her know 'i just have to have it'!
i love to surround myself in the evening with her paintings, they are so calming....and i honestly don't believe anybody can make clouds so beautifully.

so i wanted to share her wonderful talents with you, you can click on her site to the left and read all about her, and see the wonderful world that she has created for her and hers in the country living article, check out her pieces and sign-up for her emails too. thanks jennifer, i just love it!

i finally received my copy of the april country living magazine! i was so happy to see that game boards were everywhere! thanks so much tisha, you are the best! and thanks to all of you that have called and mailed....i wouldn't be able to live this artists life if it weren't for all of you!

also, thanks to jen o'connor for the beautiful FULL PAGE add you so beautifully designed in the april/may issue of home did a wonderful design to show off your little earth angels, which thankfully includes me! check earth angels site often, she is always getting new goodies in. her site is listed on the left....

today was a fun day of painting in the studio, along with making some molding to get ready to attach in a couple of days...there are so many steps to the process from beginning to the end of making a piece that i'm always in and out of the studio fooling around!

i guess i have that undeniable spring fever, head is spinning with new ideas to create and invite spring into my home.....i dance to just the thought of spring!
joy to you and yours....diane

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