Saturday, May 19, 2007

still cold...

how can this be....frost warnings again for tonight. i pulled out my boots (again) and knee high socks and any wool sweaters that i could reach. my outfit was a little more out there this time since i was in such a hurry this winter fluffy boots, knee high striped socks with shorts...topped off with a wool hoodie that my friend just passed down to me...and off to the farmers market!

now i know spring can be a taunting season but up in the appalachians we only have three months to plant those pots and window boxes, and then the cool falls begin. so when the market starts saturday morning it's one of the best places to grab onto some beautiful flowering plants. but we were sooo late, that i was only able to buy a fern for my fern garden, but what a beautiful one it is. the fern that i bought came from some old friends that raise all these wonderful baby plants, love and tend and then market. i love that they are able to live off the land, along with plant raising comes some woodwork. many people in this small town are apt to have several jobs to make ends meet...that might sound horrible to somebody who works full time, but most of the jobs are very interesting and fun to be doing....they look at it as, i get paid for all this fooling around in the garden?

i was able to land some incredible lemonade, strawberry rhubarb jam, cheesecake, and an amazing piece of pottery where the artist used old lace from ireland and imprints onto her is amazing, contains her history which moves me and is so different from other pottery, that i had to snatch a piece...

the growing season hasn't produced to much in the way of food, either too early, or too late a freeze...i will have to hike to the strawberry man next week, he's parked between my town and the next to get some of the best. yummy enough just to pop in your mouth.

as far as the studio is going!!! i have at least 40 boards in different stages, drying, waxing and finishing. sometimes things just land like that, no matter how hard you try to finish up a group and move on at some point they seem to merge together.

the bird nest outside my door is doing well, i was attacked again by one of the parents today. yesterday i climbed up to take a peek and i think it was one of the most interesting shapes of nest that i have seen. it was obviously created to keep the weather out, a long tunnel curved over and down. i haven't heard a peep from there so they are sitting patiently...when they are long gone i will pull it down and add it to my other amazing nests collection.

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Lana said...

Oh Diane! Isn't country life the greatest? I've enjoyed reading about you and yours, seeing the similarities between life in Tn and NC. I'm happy to read you're very busy with work, but don't forget to take some time for yourself! I'd comment on your latest post, but there doesn't seem to be a comment link. I think no matter what you choose ~ your artwork will continue to thrive, past customers will follow and new customers will discover you! I'm so happy to know you ~ Diane Allison-Stroud.

Take Care!