Sunday, May 20, 2007

whats in my name....

for 47 years i have acquired different names, dropping names, adding, reversing etc. for 8 years i have had two different names. these two names separated my it was easy to separate the two by just listening to what name somebody called me.

when your name is your business, your art and all the people you have met along the way, you have to consider the downside of this change...will you get lost in the shuffle if you change it all the way. so i decided to start with a hyphen... allison-stroud. for if it weren't for my family and all the sacrifices they have made to keep me in the art world i wouldn't have been able to get to where i am today. believe me, there were a lot of late nights with hubby buffing boards. and i'm grateful for that... so it's time to honor who i really am, and i am part of this southern family with a strong southern name.

diane allison-stroud

it will be interesting to see if i will be able to know which "me" somebody is talking too on the phone...and i'm sure eventually i will be moved to shorten to just stroud...but that is going to take some time...time for everyone to start seeing the change and not be shocked at once. but i believe when all is done, i won't be two people anymore, just one whole one...that could be interesting.

now as you can imagine it's not easy to be married to an artist. my mind flies in so many directions at the same time....a conversation is started out of the blue as if it were being talked about in the previous moment. a person could get whiplash just trying to follow what i'm doing or thinking about...or what i thought i'd already told you...or what i'm talking about, or or or...but he's perfect, perfect for me...and he deserves a lot of credit for helping me be who i am...tolerance i would say is his biggest gift! for we are opposites...

the picture above was when i dragged him off to do a show with me....he would die if i put it on the blog...but he never reads my i'm safe.

be who you are fully.... diane allison-stroud