Saturday, July 7, 2007

saturday... the day for some music (turn it up)

living in the appalachians, music is everywhere. banjos, harmonicas, guitars, fiddles and voices singing bluegrass, gospel and folk... it is as natural as one can imagine, woven into your ordinary day. friday night is music out on the lawn at the old jones house, or you can head out to the next town over and listen at the old drugstore. walking main street on the weekend you are bound to find a guitar player or fiddler playing on the sidewalk.

saturday is a wonderfully lazy day here... a celebration of an end of a week and time for being with your family. a day of choices... should i go to town and linger, hike in the woods, climb for a view, cook out while napping in the hammock or go sit by the river and read. there are so many choices in my paradise. so i think i will go to town and sit outside eating homemade pancakes at melanie's and linger in town to see what i can find....come home and nap, head to the studio to catch up and then down to the river with supper in a basket. i like to add some music on my blog on saturdays, something i stumbled upon or something that found me...however it happened i was moved by something sit back and relax, it's just beautiful.

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jennifer lanne said...

What a time you are having! Sounds like heaven.......!!!