Saturday, May 3, 2008

it happened!!!

well... all i can say is if you dream big enough and hope strong enough, something might just come true!

i heard back... you might want to hold on to your chair.... from..... (drum roll please)... diane sawyers peeps! yes, it's true.

the story goes... i blogged as you know about diane and christiana (certainly we must now be on first name basis), back in march. rene, who is one of my readers, and lover of game boards, just so happens to work there and be a friend of diane's... rene, you are so funny! her email to me was sooo funny.... so,

rene let diane know of my blog with the best friend request. diane's peeps wrote back to me and this is what they said:

This is Kristen from Diane Sawyer's office-- she wanted me to pass along that she saw your blog and loves what you wrote!!
Have a great day. And the game boards look really great.
Take care, Kristen

WOW! hubby said the other day that the world is connected by 6 people, he had heard that somewhere... and so it is so.... me connected to rene connected to diane sawyer... that is a really small world we're living in...

well that was truly some excitement for me this week, and for my mom too, who holds the number one position, but is willing to play with diane if invited... (she's hopefully going through her closet looking for something to wear)... and diane, if you do read this again, just FYI my mom will be in NY in September.... around the 8th i believe if you want to play....

and back to my life, my reality.... i'm sitting here in my robe covered with paint drinking cold coffee and wondering in the back of my head where eli's baseball pants are for the game in less than an hour and if i was to bring snacks for 10 boys....

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