Saturday, May 3, 2008

it's the saturday music show... turn it up!

it's been a month or two since i did the saturday music show, so thought i'd better get back on schedule again.

so i thought i'd do two music videos.... you know how i'm always searching through native american music to listen to the flute? (that i'm still not good at playing!) but i've found so many sites where i can print off music and have learned so much... i came across this video that i wanted to share with you... i loved the combination of shots, land, custom and modern. it wasn't long ago when i was talking to my dad and telling him that eli is starting to use some 'southern slang', and that i said that he had to learn 'proper english' first. my dad said that he hoped the south, through schools, didn't cause the southern lyrics of the language to die... i guess this is a lesson to us all, to keep our customs close to us or they may disappear.

a friend of mine was raised on a reservation up in wisconsin. she talks about riding bareback and shooting deer with an arrow. i asked her if the 'healer', who was her mother, really had power... she said, yes. it was an amazing upbringing that she had. her mother and one other person on the reservation are the only 2 people that know the language of her tribe, and they do not seem to want to write it down so that it can continue or be remembered... a whole language being put to sleep. that is a sad thing to me.

i think it would be a good thing if we could learn to stop ourselves from judging others and learn from our bothers and sisters...

the video and music above are by Sacred Spirit - Yeha Noha

i don't know what has happened this year.... but i'm not watching american idol.

boy, since the very beginning i was hooked. but i think it must have run it's course with me, like survivor and all my children. but i still do have my favorite, david cook. i think he is just amazing, love the texture of his voice, it gives me chills. I also love his artistry of making his own arrangements, he's amazing. i would buy his album, or cd, that is. i'm betting he will win.

now i remember the big days of this album, thriller... 1982. it seems that a song will take me back to what i was doing exactly at that time of my life... 1982, moved to houston texas and started working at a brand new radio station, kkbq... when we hit the air waves the first song that was played was hey jude. we took over that town with our music and talent in no time and enjoyed the fun of being part of something so big and new that had succeeded... champagne and limos... yes,1982 was a wonderful year... this is david's version of the famous song, billie jean, and he made it his own...

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