Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the first snow give away...

if you are on my email update list - then you already have heard... but if you aren't, it isn't to late to enter to win! below is the email that was sent out today...if you are not on my email update list...just email me from my blog site - i will add you to the update list and enter you to win the 'well worn heart' game board...

Today is our first snow of the season….schools have been closed…children are noisily anticipating playing outside when the wind dies down.

The studio is warm and toasty with the first fire of the season, and I am painting game boards for you and your loved ones…hubby is out warming up his truck so he can drive through the snow…it’s a custom of his to see how long he can go without using 4 x 4.

Life is just perfect so let’s celebrate that with the “well worn heart”, game board and have a giveaway.

I haven’t painted the piece yet, so it will be painted especially for YOU…and sent to you in mid December… Best of luck to all of you!!!
so that's it - but you do have to enter to win!!!

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