Sunday, February 22, 2009

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mary myers, folk artist

if you come over and walk room to room in my house and studio, you will notice something over and over again....mary myers folk pieces...scattered here and there, adding a nice surprise to your eye...for your eyes will first notice the color, then the subject and as you look closely you will notice the actual indentations of where her knife carved on the legs....mary has been carving for so many years now it is actually hard to believe a time that she didn't, for there are thousands of these treasures proudly standing in collections throughout america...i wanted to share mary's story with all of you...i've copied this right off of her site, so that it can be in her own words....for that is part of her charm, a small studio that mary and her husband have worked in for so many years....

"I have always loved wood. Growing up in Virginia where my father built houses, I would often accompany him to the lumberyards where I would invariably bring home blocks of wood. In 1989, I wanted a nutcracker but could not find one I liked so I sketched a design and then had my husband turn the basic shape on his lathe. I carved the nutcracker and painted it with muted colors to install an antique finish. I showed it to a buyer from New York City’s American Folk Art Museum. Before I knew it, I had an order for two dozen soldier nutcrackers. My career as an artist began!"

"A day in the life of Mary Myers in would be "crazy to most." I like to wear all of the hats in my thriving business because getting help would change my look. I do the carving, painting, bookkeeping, catalog mailing, nutcracker packing, supply buying, and still manage the normal household duties."

"The American Folk Art Museum has licensed me in the past several years to produce nutcrackers, ornaments, and table toppers from images of antiques for their collection. I also created a tree topper nutcracker for the White House in 1996. Many magazines have featured my art such as Country Home, Country Living, Home, and Coastal Living to name a few. I have been named Best American Craftsman several times by Early American Life magazine. I have been invited several times by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to demonstrate my craft at their store, where many of my products are sold."

"I hope that my work will make people smile and find their child-like feelings from days gone by. My artistic philosophy is to be yourself . Do not let anyone say that you cannot do something. If you think you can, you will!

In my opinion, making a living from designing and carving nutcrackers from my imagination is my greatest accomplishment. After all, you do not have to grow up or should I say give up your childhood dreams."
mary's pieces span events in the history of the world to the stories we heard as children...they are truly charming...formed from just a thought to a vision to an artist...
here is a link that will take you to her site to view more of her pieces that are now available:

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