Friday, June 26, 2009

summer and antiquing just go together...

it's a nice summer weekend....and you feel like cleaning out your trunk and hitting the road...between antique malls, small out of the way shops and salvage junk yards your options are time you hit the road, look through new eyes...what can you do with this?....ahhhh, the ideas are endless...i found these ideas on the Better Homes & Gardens is always full of fun and inexpensive ideas, from food, family to decorating...i must get to shopping myself!!

There's no hanging required -- simply prop the mantel against the wall and let the bed frame hold it in place.

fashion a fabulous four-poster bed frame from old porch posts

vintage shutters

salvaged decorative molding into a shelf

Turn an old chicken coop into magazine storage. This piece was cleaned and stripped to reveal the original mellow wood finish.

Add patina to a tub by framing the base with salvaged paneling. Here a weathered piece of tin does the job. The vanity is an antique cabinet retrofitted with a new sink and faucet.

a tin pie pan is as American as apple pie

a collection of vintage clock faces by stringing them from lengths of chain

Make a simple one-of-a-kind pencil or paintbrush holder that also displays family photos. Black-and-white snapshots slip between two clear glass flea market apothecary jars for an instant photo gallery. If you can't find apothecary jars, substitute any two graduated sizes of glass containers, such as florist's vases or kitchen glassware.

Create a functional and attractive table display with a vintage cake stand. Place a stack of plates on the stand and top it with a vintage birdcage.

an old porch railing becomes an instant organizer

for more ideas check out the BHG website:

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