Thursday, September 24, 2009

look who i found!

i am signed up to receive the AFA (american folk art) sites updates, which usually, i think, come out seasonally... i hadn't been to the site for sometime and thought i'd better check out what artists are on and what artwork they have to show to us...and look who i found!

sam florance - WHATinSAMhill

i was thrilled when i found sam florance and her work which i hadn't seen caught my eye immediately, for the colors and themes are full of fun, adventure and life's events...i was immediately won over - and digging deeper and reading about sam, i knew why... a self taught artist, with a voice that you can actually attach yourself to; for she made me smile and laugh out loud, a talent in it's own right.

here is an excerpt from her profile; then you'll understand what i mean:

"so I said the only way he could get one of my paintings was to marry me. So he did. But I shouldn’t make it sound like we’re a one-sided enterprise. Oh, no. In my turn, I live happily with maple syrup taps and buckets and plastic piping, maple-flavored everything, and a huband-built house where"

just makes you want to read more doesn't it?

i wanted to share her information with you - but i didn't want to add to much of sam, for i want you to have the fun getting to know her for yourself...- so here are a couple of links so that you can browse her pieces and fall in love with her too....

sam florance, on etsy: WHATinSAMhill

sam florance, on AFA: WHATinSAMhill

sam florance, on 1000 markets: WHATinSAMhill

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Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing this about sam florance. I, too, like her work and am intrigued with the snippet of what she wrote. I'll head on other to WHATinSAMhill right now. I'm a huge fan of folk art and this style of painting. You might be interested in looking at one of my recent posts, Fall Nesting. It doesn't highlight the painting, but I do show some photos of a painting hanging in our living room. It was painted by a local artist, Lou Ann Barrow. You might like her work. ~ Sarah