Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a blizzard?

well you know me...and my new motto....'i'm not going to complain', after all i've never lived through a blizzard, so it is a rather exciting event in itself....(i guess...)

the fire is blazing beside me and i've just finished prepping some more 'sundance' game boards....i'm also working on a new gee's bend board which i think may come out in march....

so i won't let this frightful weather get me just won't!

eli is becoming quite adept at surfing ebay for sports memorabilia, day 16 snow day....ohhhh nooooo, it just occurred to me that i'm out of chocolate....oh dear, i'll never make it....i'm doomed....

if you feel like surfing yourself, here's my link:

1 comment:

Zoe Nelson said...

I think I just saw a Yeti outside!