Monday, December 13, 2010

to russia with love...

thank you russia for my wood....if it weren't for you, i couldn't do what i am doing to meet the quality that i expect of myself...for many years i have thought of your country and the many hands that have worked so hard to bring this wood to my small appalachian area... i couldn't be who i am, if it weren't for you...

my mom sent me a video saying be glad you are not in russia in the wintertime....i wasn't able to figure out how to load that one to my blog, but i found this one on youtube...i thought this is the perfect time to give russia a big thank you shout out! i have had readers from that area, so you never know, maybe they will get the message and smile!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I received the two pieces today and I am
thrilled ! You are so talented. I love them! That is my Christmas
gift to myself. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Susan M.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane--

I received my gameboards today--I could not wait to get the box open! I love them! I am putting them in a little vacation home about 4 hrs. from my real home, so I don't anticipate getting down there until after the holidays. I am having foot surgery Jan. 5 and will be out of commission for about 6 months, so I hope to get there between Christmas and that date. I am anxious to get them placed, but I am confident they are going to be perfect. Thank you again for them--you have an amazing talent. Have a wonderful holiday.